Each person is unique.

Each destination is unique.

There is nothing more unique than a Journey

Trust us to be fair

Counsel Travel maintains good relationships with all of its customers and vendor partner’s across the world.  We deal ethically, with careful attention to our reputation and that of our clients.

Trust us with your private data

At Counsel Travel we vow never to share your personal data beyond what is necessary to accomplish your travel goals. We also take all possible steps to protect your information in accordance with data protection laws.

Trust us to look out for your best interests.

We charge service fees for counseling to ensure that all advice we give is free from outside financial influence. 

Trust us to listen to you.

We endeavor to work with our clients the way each of them prefers to the extent they require.

Meet Jacob

My Name is Jacob Odencrantz and I founded Counsel Travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Counsel Travel operates under the precept that all good travel advice, must be personalized. Counsel Travel’s primary purpose is as an advising entity. Our advice services are open to the general public with the first 15...

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