Places We Miss Volume 8: Capetown, Stellanbosch and the Cape Grace Hotel

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once thought that all port cities were ugly, then I went to Capetown. I have since been to other port cities. If San Diego Counts, I'm from one, but it does not, not with Long Beach just to the North. However, Capetown has San Diego's beauty, but on Steroids with an Iconic flat-topped mountain behind it and Wine Country, in this case Stellanbosch, just beyond it. This was a family trip, so we decided to harvest strawberries rather than visit wineries. I also took my family to Robben Island. When South Africa ended Apartheid, the entire world stepped forward. The realities endured by Nelson Mandela and the ANC members in Robben Island were horrific, their time spent there heroic and the manner in which they changed the world for the better... saintly. Capetown is one of the World's great cities, perhaps the only one in Africa by my estimation. I look forward to returning someday.