Places we miss Volume 5- Edinburgh and the Balmoral Hotel

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The UK, and more specifically Scotland and Lancashire, was the first time we took our daughter abroad. I often feel that the logical first international trip for an American is the United Kingdom. My daughter will not remember her first trip abroad, but I feel strongly it made a positive impact on her. We learned some things too, that toddler jet-lag is no joke and traveling with children requires more planned extra time for rest and for the fluidity required in clearing the hurdles that traveling with small children presents. Family Travel, whether extended or immediate, is one of my specialties because it is one of the things I enjoy most. The British Isles, including Ireland, are a place of family for my daughter from both her mother and her father, I'm sure we will return, I hope soon.
Edinburgh, is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe. The short span of pictures here can only hint at the majesty of Scotland. Likewise, the Balmoral Hotel is, for me, the best hotel in Edinburgh. It is simultaneously a Grand Dame style of the first order and... almost surprisingly, cool. It's not surprising if you know Rocco Forte Brand hotels, if George Clooney were a hotel, he'd be owned by RF.