Places We Miss: Volume 1 ~ Singita Sweni Lodge

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I'm one of the best travel professionals in the USA. I also work with the best and to prove it, here is my first installment of Places We Miss. A series of places we have dreamt of during the pandemic. This installment shows the Sweni Lodge, the best African lodge where a child as young as four can be accommodated. As final proof, this video has some footage of an actSingitaual lion kill. On a lovely morning, we were privelged to see two male lions stalk and suffocate a cape buffalo. This is thanks to the masterful skills of field guide Solomon Ndlovu and Howard Makwakwa. Those guys are amazing. I would've stayed in a cardboard box to have seen the things they showed us. That is aside from the amazing encounter with the lions, which my high school biology teacher was impossible in three different ways. However, as you can see, the Sweni Lodge is sublime. Singita lodges are veritable works of art not only in design, but also in execution. The guides are the best, but the hospitality staff at those properties are equally masterful.