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My wife and I enjoy sharing meaningful, travel experiences with our family, particularly with our 3 daughters. We are a very active and health focused family and when we travel, the best experiences will have our needs for regular exercise and a healthy diet built into the trip as much as possible. As a business owner, I have found success by delivering my own high standards to my customers. The demands on my time are great. It is excellent to have somebody I can trust to help me plan trips that match our standards and do not compromise our health values.
Tim J.
I get excited every year when it comes to vacation time because Jake is great to brainstorm with ideas on vacations and he always delivers exactly what I had envisioned for that year’s vacation.
Dale A.
After some domestic and foreign travel mishaps, Jake was recommended to my wife and myself as a person who could help with our travel endeavors. From booking hotels, tours, and airlines to obtaining theater tickets and arranging African safari's, Jake has been outstanding. Jake is now at Counsel Travel, and we look forward to remaining clients
Jim and Jacquie K.
Jake has helped me with a broad variety of trips.  Ones that come to mind are that desert county in North west Rajasthan in India.  Cambodia, Leh Laos, the small city in Vietnam on the sea, the Mani in Greece, Morocco desert and mountain excursions. Of course, I should note his ability to react quickly with changes—almost instantaneously over the phone. Also, the brilliant routes that saved thousands of airline dollars (all in business class)
John Visitor (one of Counsel Travel’s most intrepid clients, whose country count is well into triple digits)
Jake has always been creative, customer-centric, and trying to deliver the best outcomes for my travel plans.
Gil F.

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