The Seychelles, Covid restriction free and one stop from Denver.

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The Seychelles, Covid restriction free and one stop from Denver.

I miss the beach. I love the mountains, but the ocean always calls.

Some beaches are better than others, and the Seychelles has some of the best. Recently, this beautiful island nation has opened for tourism. The sheer distance involved in travelling to the Indian Ocean has made this news, less than newsworthy. However, for those of you that live in Denver. I do want to tell you something.

There are 8 days this summer where you can fly with one stop, to the Seychelles. The price, in Economy, is typical for such a distant and small place, about $1650. What is odd is that a 100% refundable version of that ticket is just $1950. The deal here is in business class, $4300. $4300 is an excellent price, but what is more is that price is refundable less a $500 penalty. Normally that’s a good deal at twice that price.

The downside is that there is a very long connection in Europe on the way there. A single connection is possible on the return as well, but only with an overnight, otherwise, it does take two connections to return. Unless Europe clears for the vaccinated, then going to the Seychelles will mean staying in the Airport. That airport does have accommodation options in the secure area, they are hard to find.

As a destination, the Seychelles are quite chi-chi. Amal and George, William and Kate, are some of the more notable recent honeymooners there. Many of you who think you have seen some great beaches would get to the Seychelles only to find themselves staring, for the first time, at one of the world’s truly great beaches.

If you are interested in details about this Journey, please just let me know.